The gap between Chinese and foreign architectural design concept of light steel structure building


In essence, the light steel structure of the building design is still the implementation of the existing building codes, and concrete construction is no essential difference. However, because of the special nature of the material used in the construction concept, it is different from the concrete, which makes the building show many differences.

1, the integration of the system and the main steel structure design

Is the basic approach of Chinese enterprises in this regard, the maintenance design, the main structure of the system is designed separately, and the common practice of abroad is a unified design, even some companies still perform modular building to ensure the accuracy of the whole building installation.

For example, the installation of internal wall panels between the two columns, according to the practice of the former, the internal wall panels from the left column to start the plate is a high rib, the right column are high ribs. In fact, this indicates that the accuracy of the installation can not be guaranteed by the former, while the latter can ensure the accuracy of the installation.

Steel structure engineering

2, accessories system and the integration of the overall building system design

Foreign enterprises in the design of the construction of the installation, the basic guarantee of the end of the installation, no spare parts on the ground, there is no lack of accessories on the building. The situation is the majority of domestic enterprises or less accessories, or more accessories. This is because the design of the parts system and the whole building system of steel structure engineering design results are not uniform.

And the performance of the building is also affected. Of course, there is also a problem of standardized parts.

3, the integration of building steel structure design

Design of concrete building is according to architectural design structure design concept design, and construction of light steel structure because of its special material and advanced design software, can make the design process to achieve the building structure design, the architectural design and structural design are completed. At present, foreign light steel structure enterprises are following such a concept, while the majority of domestic enterprises still carry out the principles of concrete construction design.

The architectural design is designed according to the design method of the concrete structure. On the one hand, it is difficult to complete the architectural style in the structural design. For example, the light steel structure can achieve large span, and the concrete structure is difficult to achieve. The architectural design engineers do not understand the situation, therefore, the design of the building are small span building, it is possible to lose the momentum of the construction with large span building opportunities. This is mainly due to the current domestic design institute has no advanced design software. In the future, with the popularization of advanced steel structure design software, the problem will be solved satisfactorily.