To celebrate the 27 anniversary of the founding of Jingye Grouop


On the occasion of the 27 birthday of the Jingye Group, Jingye  steel structure Technology  organized  "to  celebrate  the 27 anniversary  of  the  Jingye Group,  develop the ambition of  being  bold in scaling   heights on steel structure" activities.In March 27th, the company organized a tug of war and mountaineering activities to celebrate the group's 27 birthday.

Workshops, the logistics , the seven tugs of war team after three rounds of fierce competition,  and ultimately by the equipment division with tacit cooperation with the high morale of the tug of war won the championship.


 In the mountaineering competition, by the steel structure of the two employees Zhu Huizhao to take the lead in the first place to get a good result of a good performance of 21 minutes. Steel industry, a five employees lasted 32 minutes and 10 seconds to join the peak of the first team, the team won the mountain climbing competition.



Steelstructure technology  company summit  wish Hebei Jingye  Group 27  years old happy birthday! Stronger and stronger, more brilliant!